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Monday, November 06, 2006

This must be the place, I reckon

This is where you can find information about the band Silk Pajamas.

Silk Pajamas was formed by Augustino Patti and Michael Lowenstein in 1991. Augustino plays guitar and sings, and Michael plays saxophone and flute.

The repertoire spans a range of Latin and Brazilian songs, Sinatra and Tony Bennett standards, and straight-ahead jazz instrumentals. Most are familiar; some are lesser-known nuggets of musical enjoyment.

The sound is soft, but it swings. The atmosphere is background, but it moves you. And having fun is top priority when Silk Pajamas is on the bandstand.

A variety of rhythm players join the core duo of Augustino and Michael, depending on the calendar. Most of the time, Mike Tiefenbrun plays upright bass and Sean Anglin handles percussion and drums.

You can have a free CD delivered to your house. Just call Augustino and leave your name, your address and a request for the CD. No salesman will call! The band plays mostly private parties, and the CD is free because sometimes there is simply no other way for a client to decide whether to hire the band. Plus--who wants to pay royalties? So we burn 'em and give 'em away.


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